We offer a wide range of Homonpolymer, Random and Impact Copolymer grade.


FilmFilms for packaging
Injection and blow MouldingClosures, food containers, housewares, toys, spice bottles, toiletry bottles, cosmetic bottles
Yarn extrusion Woven industrial fabric and bags, rope and cordage, woven carpet backing, woven geotextile fabrics

Random Copolymer

Grade Application
Pipe Pipes for pressure applications, sheets for thermoforming
Blow Moulding Cosmetic, detergent bottles, highly transparent containers, ball pen refills, thermoformed products
Injection Moulding Media cases, hinge caps, closures, food containers used for microwave, reusable trays
Film Packaging films, co-extrusion layers, lamination, stand up pouches

Block/Impact Copolymer

Grade Application
Injection Moulding Crates, furniture, industrial buckets, paint containers, battery housing
Extrusion Corrugated plastic, fittings, tubing
Blow Moulding Housewares, food packaging, cleaning products bottles